Conveniently located on Western Ave in Manchester, ME, the Kennebec Valley location is perfect for the students in central Maine! The Study Hall of Kennebec Valley is operating under new management by Jenna Davidson, a central Maine native who, after earning her elementary education degree from the University of Maine at Orono, came back to Augusta and has taught here for the past 8 years; she has also tutored for The Study Hall of Kennebec Valley for the past 5 years. Jenna is excited to bring her teaching experience into a different realm of education and has kept the highly-qualified team of tutors (and made some excellent additions!) to aid your student in succeeding. Whether it’s extra help in those skills or subjects where loss may have occurred due to COVID, practice or guidance in difficult subjects, or supporting high schoolers in achieving their educational goals, the tutors at The Study Hall are friendly, dedicated, encouraging, and overall a wonderful addition to add to your student’s education. Let us help make learning a fun and engaging experience!