Services & Fees

Tutoring Services

Individual Tutoring ~ $58/hr

Individual tutoring is a 1:1 appointment to focus on areas of need. Ideally these appointments take place at The Study Hall, arrangements can be made for virtual tutoring if needed.

Homework Help ~ $20/hr

Perfect for busy families and students! This service is a new offering by The Study Hall of Kennebec Valley and designed to give students grades 6-12 a quiet place to complete their homework, study for upcoming exams/assessments or projects for school independently. However, a certified teacher will be available to help students if needed. Homework Help is available Monday - Friday from 2pm-6pm.

College Counseling ~ $74/hr

College Counseling is a 1:1 appointment to help Juniors and Seniors navigate the process of applying to post-secondary educational opportunities.

SAT Preparation Information

SAT Prep is designed to help students prepare for the SAT entrance exam. These sessions are in person sessions and are a minimum of 2 hours/session. Pricing Packages are listed below.
Students will need to purchase the SAT Prep book prior to their tutoring session.

SAT Prep Package A ~ $1000

The student will receive 8 (2 hour) in person sessions

SAT Prep Package B ~ $800

The student will receive 6 (2 hour) in person sessions

SAT Prep Package C ~ $148

This package is designed for either individual sessions or pay as you go

Our two NEW PROGRAMS now being offered! *Dates are subject to change depending on interest*

Please call/text/email to get more information or to sign up!

Here's a quick rundown of what these programs look like:

Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Group Sessions- Perfect for students who may need or want guidance in a small group setting on emotional regulation, relationship skills, and all the work inbetween!

STEM Challenge- A hands on curriculum focused around earthquakes! Does your child love to learn and build? Interested in getting them some exposure to STEM education? This is a great opportunity!